SMQ Weather Application

The SMQ Weather Application illustrates how a web-based user interface can be synchronized with the user interface in a device. The SMQ Weather Application consists of three parts: the server application, the thermostat (device), and the browser user interface.

IoT Weather App

The following video shows how to download, run, and how to synchronize the device user interface and two browser user interfaces.

Windows Installation:

  1. Download the simulated device weather application for Windows.
  2. Run the self extracting archive and unpack the application to any directory.
  3. The simulated device weather application should automatically start.
  4. Click the menu button (three stripes) to open the dialog box.
  5. Click start browser or manually enter the device key in the web user interface.


The SMQ Weather Application illustrates the following:

The weather data is synchronized in real time between the device and the client. The server application is in charge of maintaining a connection island between the device and any number of connected clients. The client is synchronized with the device by entering the device ID in the browser. You can automate this process by letting the simulated device open a browser window for you. The device ID will be automatically filled in when the browser window starts. Optionally: you may manually enter the device key in the browser interface by clicking the menu button and then Connect.

Suggested test exercise:


You cannot start a second simulated device on the same PC. The device requires a unique ID (the device ID), a number that is fetched from Windows. You may, however, start a simulated device on another PC. The server code maintains a connection island for each connected device -- that is, any number of devices can connect to the online server and any number of browsers can connect to each device.